Friday, March 28, 2008

Treachery: A Poignant Truth of the Scruggs Matter?

Perhaps the most poignant aspect of the Scruggs Matter is the treachery of Judge Henry Lackey.

It may well be to some that the end justifies the means but the truth is Judge Lackey deceived his friend Tim Balducci and brought him down, bringing him to utter ruin as a lawyer. As if this was not enough, he forced his friend into a position where he then had to act to betray his friend, Dick Scruggs, Sidney Backstrom and Zach Scruggs.

These treacheries are not spoken of in the current discussion of the Scruggs Matter.

Perhaps it is because we are so full of hatred and ill-feeling and so many are irrationally delighting in the destruction of "wrongdoers" we do not recognize a telling and terribly distressful truth about what has happened. Judge Lackey and the United States Attorney in the Northern District of Mississippi are not heroes in this matter. They have acted with treachery. This conduct is permitted by our laws. But, I wonder is it permitted by higher laws?

I think not. The end does not justify the means. Not only was the entrapment in this case by Judge Lackey wrongful and a true a good defense for each of the Srcuggs Defendants, the entrapment was wrong as a matter of basic morality between human beings.

All of the wrong by the Scruggs defendants is not as wrong as the conduct of Judge Lackey in using his friend's trust to bring him to ruin and in forcing his friend to bring his friends to ruin.