Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eliot Spitzer, Helicopter Skiing, Long Haul Trucking

In an earlier post I fantasized Eliot Spitzer may have been set up. Oops. $80,000 is a lot to pay for the pleasures of the flesh. Even for the flesh of one as comely as "she who serviced #9."

Such an amount (investment in destruction) leads me to the (humble conclusion) big people with evil in their hearts and access to highly tasteful young women had nothing to do with Mr. Spitzer's trouble.

Well, we are all sinners. And, well, if we want to get overly excited about such things then maybe we should figure out a way to take various people out of history because of their dalliances. The list would be endless and we would be with great blank spots in our history.

On a more mundane level, Mr. Spitzer could have better "gotten his rocks off" helicopter or cat skiing in British Columbia, Canada. Or maybe "base jumping" from skyscrapers in Singapore or bridges in Colorado.

Or, maybe driving a long haul truck after 10 hours behind the wheel in conditions of ice and snow in the Montana Rockies pulling a tanker with 6000 gallons of highly hazardous material in it on the way to a laminating plant in Oregon.

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