Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let's Hope the Case is On

Let us hope the Scruggs Case is still on with Zach Scruggs taking the lead. It is apparent Dick Scruggs had to plead as he did in order to give his son, Zach, a chance at proving his innocence. Zach Scruggs did not stand a chance with his case being combined with that of Dick Scruggs and Sidney Backstrom. One can hardly fail to see the due process problem here. Judge Bigger's denial of the motion to sever was way over the top.

I also hope the issue of "entrapment as a matter of law" will come up and that it will be used to vindicate Zach Scruggs. Again, we cannot have respect for the judicial system if state judges become agents of the Federal Government. Especially if the judge cum government agent pursued his mark when the mark did not pursue the judge and when the judge cum government agent was the actual person who proposed the bribe.

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