Friday, May 30, 2008

The Souls of People.

Dickie Scruggs, his son and law partner are to be sentenced on July 2, 2008. Some Internet commenter's take pleasure in this, in the fall of a man. In their pleasure there is obvious animosity toward the man and satisfaction in his fall. Seems such expressions tell more about the critics than it does about Mr. Scruggs. The interest is prurient. It is like the interest some people express toward political figures. It is truly irrelevant in the wider scheme of things. If they can get others to share in the criticism of the people who are the objects of their criticisms they are able to themselves from their own capabilities. That is to say, the connection between their instincts and the object, and the approval of others in the connection, gives them an inner sense that they are not as deficient as they think they are in their own souls. The end result? -- their narcissitic satisfaction, sinister as it is, pleasure.