Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lerach -- Lessons for those in Prison

William Lerach is serving time at Lompoc near Santa Barbara for doing bad things as a lawyer.

Now he is in more trouble and may have to serve harder time for his wrongdoing. Seems he suggested to a guard who likes sports that the guard could use his season tickets to the games of some professional sports team. Here is a story about Mr. Lerach's current predicament.

You are not supposed to say such things, suggest you might do such things. It makes sense. for sure.

There is a lesson to be learned for those under the microscope of others: Do not presume anyone on the prison staff is or should be your friend. Withdraw into yourself. Keep your distance. Do no indulge in your motivations of good will. Certainly, do not indulge in your motivations of ill will. Detach yourself. Pursue more meaningful things. Become an observer, cease to be a participant. Try to understand. Have compassion which does not attach. Let your compassion float over to yourself and try to understand something of yourself that you never had time to attempt to understand. Give yourself a break. Let yourself alone for a while.