Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"I require mercy not sacrifice"

The power of government in the Scruggs Litigation is now left with one target, one alleged wrongdoer, Zach Scruggs. He is the youngest, least experienced, least responsible for anything in this trouble. He is a person who, at his age, was still in the thrall of older people. The forces of government are now going to be used to "bring this young man to justice." These forces are being used to destroy him. To sacrifice him.

The government has gotten this young man in its sights by reason of a highly objectionable entrapment, an entrapment wherein a sitting judge used his long time friend, who betrayed his long time friend, to bring his friend into a bribe and to use his friend to bring others into that bribe. The judge's target was Dick Scruggs. The last object of destruction of this outrageous abuse of government power is Zach Scruggs. The others have all been gotten.

The power of government now unleashed on Zach Scruggs is completely out of proportion to the situation.

What comes to mind, what government over-reaction might come into consciousness? In recent memory -- Ruby Ridge and Waco. These examples may seem severe but I am not so sure. The power of government can bring great destruction, destruction which is not justified by the so-called wrong sought to be corrected or punished.

Government seeks to make a sacrifice of Zach Scruggs to its supposed majesty of the law.

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