Monday, May 11, 2009

NMC, PL Blake, Lotus and the TRUTH

There is discussion in the ether as to why NMC has been employed by PL Blake. There is more discussion as to when this employment took place -- when he and PL Blake or Blake's representatives began discussing his employment as an attorney for PL Blake. In any event, his website has been compromised. Mr. Freeland's employment by PL Blake after, or during a month's worth of testimony by Richard Scruggs to a grand jury in Oxford, comes as a real surprise to us innocents out in the hustings. I suppose we all thought NMissCommenter was interested in laying out the truth of events. But now, we hear NMC can't say, will not say, anything about Scruggs I -- (that's the Judge Lackey "I am a Government Agent" bribery case. NMC is a cheerleader for Judge Lackey).

One does not know what to think -- well, except for this: Does Freeland's retainer say more about how someone like PL Blake works than it says about Freeland? One would suppose. Isn't money great! The truth be told the employment of Freeland by Blake says more about PL Blake than it says about Tom Freeland. (Who seems like a nice guy, except for his desire, his penchant, for cooking pigs.)

Where is Lotus? Where is the truth seeking and irreverence of Lotus? Where is this very special talent? Lotus, come back! Your friends and the TRUTH need you.

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This very unusual woman was able to do something quite unusual -- bring a good number of minds together in discussion. Her website was the cutting edge.