Saturday, May 16, 2009

PL Blake -- 1965 Business Location

208 Fulton Street, Greenwood, MS -- An early place of business for P.L. Blake

According to records of the Mississippi Secretary of State, Corporation Division, P.L. Blake, Inc. did business at 208 1/2 Fulton Street. (Note in the picture, there are two doors at the address. One might be the "1/2" -- use of "1/2" at an address usually means the second floor of a location if the second floor has its own entrance.

The location is the office of the registed agent of of P.L. Blake, Inc., P.L. Blake, who was also an incorporator. Another incorporator was Robert E. Powell of Greenwood.

P.L. Blake, Inc. was incorporated in March of 1965. The corporation has been dissolved but the records do not show when. If I am right this must have been an early business of P.L. Blake. He would have been about 28 years of age (he graduated from university in 1959 and played professional football (in Canada?) for a time).