Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who is Tom Anderson?

From the Luckey v. Scruggs transcript earlier reported on this site, the big money flowed from Scruggs and his operation to DMG. Scruggs said “I think that stands for Developing Markets Group or something to that effect.”

He went on to say when asked “Who are they?” “I think -- I may be wrong, but I think it's Mr. Blake, but it could be Tom Anderson. I just don't know as I sit here now. Maybe you can show me something that will refresh my memory. It's one of the two of them, I think. "

Mr. Merkel next asks

Q Let's look at it. It says (reading:)

::As we discussed earlier today, the new payment to DMG will be 468,450 each quarter, an increase of 218,450 per quarter. This is based on the increase in fees from the base of 1.57 to 2.95 billion or an 87 percent increase. I assume we will review and adjust the amounts in June of2001, when all of the awards hopefully are finally realized. It then goes on to say what he's going to do. He says he's going to catch DMG up to the level that he should be and then he'll increase the amount each quarter starting in the third quarter by $218,450. Now, DMG, at least at that time your office thought was P.L. Blake, didn't it?

A I don't know. I said either P.L. Blake or Tom Anderson, who's provided

Q Did you send checks to Mr. Blake care of DMG for a period of time?

A My guess is we sent them to DMG or P.L. Blake or Mr Anderson, whoever was the principal at DMG, would be my guess.

So who is Tom Anderson? He was a longtime aide to Senator Trent Lott. The New York Times in October 1989 reported:

The 43-year-old Mr. Anderson, whose family runs a retail clothing chain in the area, has been a behind-the-scenes factor in Mr. Lott's longtime dominance in
the area.

As administrative aide and executive assistant to Mr. Lott,Mr. Anderson not only helped shape the combative persona that propelled Mr. Lott to a position of leadership as the House minority whip and a national spokesman for conservative causes, but also directed the important constituent services aspect of Mr. Lott's eight terms as Representative. The Strong Hand of Lott From the beginning Mr. Lott has taken a strong hand in pushing Mr. Anderson's candidacy. When the seat became vacant, he was believed to have discouraged Mr. Smith's widow and a number of others from running.

That has cut both ways for Mr. Anderson. On the one hand it has convinced some people that he will have access to the White House, but on the other it has raised the specter of bossism. A recent editorial cartoon in The Jackson Clarion-Ledger depicted Mr. Lott and Mr. Bush meeting at the airport, with the President carrying his lap dog, Millie, and Mr. Lott carrying a lap dog labeled Tom Anderson.

New York Times October 16, 1989 .