Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's Really Going On Here?

Waht's really going on here? What are these cases involving Mr. Scruggs all about?

They are about the government using a judge to go after a target, Mr. Scruggs. Maybe he should be gone after, in the true scheme of things. But, one has to wonder whether the true scheme of things is being played out here.

It could be these cases are all about one powerful group going after a person who has been successful in challenges to the group's power. It could be we are simply witnessing the great play of history where one warring group wars against another warring group. What we see is the conflict and contest of ambition. We are watching great gladiators do battle.

One would hope in all this temporary survival of the fittest activity that the playing field is a fair one and that it is overseen by referees and judges who are truly unbiased.

So far it seems there is an aura of suspicion about the referees and judges, a taint so to speak. I suppose this is primarily due to the fact that the real effort here came from a judge who was hired to become an agent for one of the sides. But there also seem to be other reasons. Judge Acker seems a bit too involved personally in the great drama.