Thursday, February 21, 2008

Personal Injury Cases 2008

It is just a calm Thursday evening in Spokane, maybe any city in the United States. I am watching some mindless television programs on a local station as I work at this or that at my desk. The ads are interesting. At 6:00 PM someone was advertising that his company bought personal injury lawsuits. "Why wait. We will give you your money now." And then a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair comes on and says something about getting her "money from [(let's say) Get Your Money Now] right away" and not having to "wait for a court date."

At 6:45 a nice young man comes up on the TV screen and says some thing like "[i]f you have been injured, call me, Blah Blah "One Call, That's All!" This guy's a young "legal" entrepreneur from Utah who is making quite a hit locally.


And, of course I wonder? Are the two advertisement related in some way. The one gets the case and a 40% contingency and the other gets a claim less the contingency at a heck of discount. Don't know, the One Call That's All came after the pitch for the purchase of the lawsuit.

I suppose I should be a bit more naive. But sometimes I think sleaze is an American epidemic.