Saturday, February 16, 2008

Judge Lackey: More Questions

Judge Lackey in the November 30, 2007 Wall Street Journal article about him expresses respect and concern for Tim Balducci including concern for his family. Then it seems, in almost the same breath, he completely turns on his friend and worse than that becomes the main actor in a scheme to bring great ruin to him.

I wonder. If Judge Lackey was Balducci's friend and felt kindly toward him and his family why would he act to ruin him? What might have caused Judge Lackey to act in such a cruel, cold way?

One can only speculate. Could it be that Judge Lackey himself was the focus of a government attention for acts of his own. Could it be that he schemed to cause his friend ruin so as to save himself? A bargain with the Devil?

Things are beginning to look quite dark, sordid.