Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sara Jane Olson

Here is a piece in the New York Times about Sara Jane Olson, a woman involved in bank robbery, death, and the attempted bombing of police. She's spending her time on parole coming out of prison in California at her home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The case highlights for me the double standard of our judicial system and its punishments. Seems people like Mrs. Olson, generally white people, connected people, people who have conformed to a societal elite, seem to do better in their experience than would one who does not have such worldly credentials.

The recent jury acquital (nullification of the law) by a Spokane jury of Police Officer Jay Olsen, a man who left a gay bar in downtown Spokane very late one night or early one morning and took shots at Shonto Pete, a Native American, who was well away from Olson and running for his life down a steep bluff. For more go to The Spokesman-Review.