Monday, February 16, 2009

Dogs on a Lake

The topic of this site is a hard one. Men are being put in jail. Their lives are changing in ways not one of us who has not ever experienced what they are going through could begin to understand. Perhaps though, with some imagination and remembrance of hard times in our own lives, we might get an idea of what it must be like.

Some of us would like to avoid an existential understanding what these "others" are going through by saying they are guilty and they deserve punishment.

So be it, but let us face the truth. Not one of us is innocent. No, not one. If one would look closely he or she would see a truth -- not one of us is innocent. And, one way or another we deserve punishment.

So, why the picture of dogs on a frozen lake in Eastern Washington just below a place where people who are not like us are, in essence, incarcerated in a hospital -- Medical Lake, Washington? Why not?
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