Friday, December 5, 2008

Speculation: New Indictments

Some are speculating that new indictments will issue soon from a federal grand jury sitting in northern Mississippi. The speculation has to do with Richard Scruggs and the alleged bribery of Judge "Bobby" Delaughter in a fee case involving a number of players. One thing about this Mississippi situation is that it will come to us with the bark on, so to speak, if there is a situation to come to us.

One suspects lawyer-judge shenanigans go on all the time but in a much more subtle way in other jurisdictions. Indeed, in some jurisdictions it is not necessary to promise anything to the judge. All one has to do is to ensure that the judge understands that friends and others will think highly of him or her if he or she "does the right thing." In Mississippi people still do such things for money, or so it seems. At least, in Mississippi, there is a certain honesty, even
"transparency" as they say.

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