Monday, July 14, 2008

This morning I sent a comment to Folo asking Observer to expand on a statement he made. So far no response from Observer or anyone else for that matter. Maybe the thread has been closed, maybe people just got bored with the questions I was raising. Here is what I said and asked:

Observer - In the past you said “In the post-Paul Minor world, Judge Lackey apparently was afraid someone was trying to set him (i.e., Judge Lackey) up. The people that were hunting for Dickie Scruggs was the FBI. Judge Lackey found himself in an awful position.”

Do you think he (Judge Lackey) may have thought someone was working with Tim Balducci to set him up?

Do you think he knew anything about, or had heard rumors about, the Wilson Case in Judge DeLaughter’s court?

Do you think he thought there was surveillance of him independent of Balducci?
I think the judge even said somewhere he was concerned that someone might be looking at him back in March of 2007.

The entry and the thread can be found here at Folo.

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